STYLISH Header customization

This article will present the options the available for customizing the header of the web site. To reach the menu go to and click on .

Logo Image
Click to select an image as logo.

Logo Width
In this text field you can enter a value for the logo image’s width.

Logo Height
In this text field you can enter a value for the logo image’s height.

Text As Logo
In this text field you can enter a text which will appear when no image
is selected as logo.

Logo Background
Clicking on this text field will bring up a color picker with which you can
choose a background color for when you are not using an image as logo.
Alternatively you can simply type in or paste a hex color code in the text
field and click – the text field’s
background will then change to show the color of the entered code.

Header Style
This frop-down menu lets you choose between

  • Metro header – transparent background, colored menu buttons and
  • Corporate header – solid color background and simple, text only

Header Type
Choose wether you want header to be Pinned (fixed) at the top of the
page or Normal, allowing it to follow you when scrolling down.

Header Menus
Here you can customize the menu entries which you have already established in the
. Clicking
will bring up a screen from which you can choose
an icon you like for the menu button. You can choose over 300 icons from:

  • fontawesome

screenshot-test holothemes com 2015-03-03 09-30-55

  • entypo

screenshot-test holothemes com 2015-03-03 09-31-21

  • lineicons

screenshot-test holothemes com 2015-03-03 09-31-36

Just like before, if you click on the
(probably empty) text field below a color picker
will appear so you can select the color you want for that specific menu button.
You can also type in or paste a hex color code in the text field.

Remember to click when you are


  1. AddItToday

    Thank you for this post. I’m running WordPress 3.8 on Stylish version 1.1.1

    In the section referencing headers, whenever I select the “choose icon” box, nothing pops up to select an image or color. It simply doesn’t do anything, as it the link is missing from the button to serve the pop up.


    1. Lisias (support and moderator)

      Hello, Mike.
      The issue can be (and it actually was) solved by a clean installation of the theme and and updating of the dependent plug-ins, though other factors can cause the choose icon button’s pop-up window for the header navigation to not display properly.

      1. mahareeki

        Lisias – I see you haven’t been here in a while.

        1) studiomh asked recently “How can I insert custom icons? Does this latest release support custom icons?

        2) In the features list, it states “over 300 icons”. Is that the current selection for navigational icons? The older version I’ve worked with had about 25. Just want to make sure we a talking apples to apples. Thanks.

        1. Johnny

          Hi mahareeki,

          1. There is no available option to insert custom icons.
          2. Yes. there are over 300 icons – (font awesome, entypo and lineicons )


    1. Johnny


      Could you please send me a WP link and some login details at: and I’ll try take a look and see how I might help you in this regard.


      you’ll need to edit theme’s files and codes to do it or you could hire and expert to do it for you.

  2. edurban


    I’m running WordPress 4.3 on Stylish version 1.2.5

    In the section Header Customization I cant customize the header menu. It only show Active menu:”main-menu”, it dont show the buttons to choice the icons and the colours

    Could you help me, please!!

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