K-BOOM Adding songs from the Library

This article will help you add a song to your song post. If you want to add more that just one song to a song post, fine. No problem! You can repeat steps 8 through 12.

This set of instructions applies only to freshly uploaded song files.

  1. Go to

  2. scroll down to find
    Display Latest Albums & Music Player
    and check its box;
  3. click at the bottom;
  4. make sure you have at least one song in your

  5. go to ;
  6. select a song post or create a new one by clicking
  7. switch the text editor to visual mode by
    clicking on ;
  8. click ;
  9. select a song file;
  10. click the Embed or Link
    drop-down menu;
  11. select Embed Media Player;
  12. click ;
  13. click ;
Note 1: do not use any special characters (letters with diacritics,
etc.) in the names of the song files you upload to the

Library; such characters interfere with the theme and the audio
player will not be able to play them.
Note 2: once songs are added to a song post, the song order
can not be changed; to do that you need to delete the songs from the

library, re-upload and add them again in the desired order. See the
Specific song ordering article for more information.
Note 3: you can not use the same song in two
different song posts
– doing this might cause problems. The song file will be shown and played only in the first song post it was added to.
Note 4: sometimes, in order for the songs in a song post to
play you need to delete the code which was generated in the text editor
when you added the song files.
Note 5: a song is added to a song post in the very moment you click
; it will not be removed
if you delete the generated code.
Note 6: to remove a song from a song post you need to
delete its code from the song post’s text editor and delete the
song file from the library.


  1. Vince Balk

    I uploaded mediafiles to a new audio song. I saw the code in the texteditor and deleted it. I added an image and added some links. After publishing I see the album, I see the 6 songs I added, but when I hit play, nothing plays.

    I tested this site on wp 3.7 and it was ok, but now on live 3.8.1 no music… YouTube video works well.

    Please advise/help

  2. Tera

    Hello, We have been unable to add more than one song to the audio player on the homepage. We can only replace the one song, but cannot display more than that. We have been following the directions on the support pages very carefully. Please advise.

  3. Gautier Krakowka

    I still have problem to display few songs on the homepage with audio player, can you explan to me how to do it?If I follow your instructions here, only the latest song uploaded is displayed. Please let me know your position asap.

    Best Regards,

    1. Lisias (support and moderator)

      Hi, Gautier.
      Please note that the home page audio player extracts the information from only one song post at a time; the displayed playlist usually belongs to the first song post found in the Latest Albums section, unless the playlist is overridden.

  4. Jose

    I follow the instructions, I can not upload mp3 over 4mb, I work on localhost can influence error? this is the information shown in the error text “exceeds the maximum upload size for this site.”

    1. Lisias (support and moderator)

      Actually, this has nothing to do with the theme; K-Boom does not decide upon the maximum upload file size. You should check your WP or server configuration for that.

  5. Jose

    ¡ Is there any way to display more than one song in the audio player on the home page?

  6. melissabender


    I’ve managed to load an album, and latest audio – but for some reason the “Latest Album” feature of the homepage features an additional image.

    I kept deleting the images now it just flashes a plain white image titled “portfolio image”

    Any reason why this is happening?

    1. Johnny

      That is happening because you don’t have an Album Cover. When you add a new audio you can add a cover and it will display on Latest Album section.

  7. iworkdigital

    I’m getting 404 errors anytime I try to post an audio page. Is this a server issue or something to do with the theme/wordpress?

    1. Johnny

      At first sight I would recommend to try access the Permalinks and switch it to Default, save it, refresh the page and switch it back to first option.
      It’s very possible to be a server error and you’ll have to contact the server admin.

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