K-BOOM Slider activation

In order to activate the slider:

  1. go to

    Theme Options


  2. click thebutton at the bottom;
  3. click ;
  4. go to





  5. write a name in the Name
    text field;
  6. click ;
  7. go to

    Theme Options




  8. check the Display Slider?
  9. click the
    drop-down menu and select the created slider;
  10. click .
Note 1: clicking
will reset any changes you have made;
you will need to manually make the changes again.


  1. Lieneke

    Hi Holobest! I really like your theme K-BOOM. I just have a question concerning the slider: is it not possible to activate the slider without erasing everything I have built so far? Cheers, Lieneke

    1. Lisias (support and moderator)

      You may skip that step if you really want to, but I ca not guarantee any success after that. I think that you could easily save all the information and link(s) you put in any of the text fields in a temporary text file so that you can copy them back to into the panel after reseting.

  2. Ben Pilkington

    Hi there.
    Think I might have made a boob, I didn’t follow the first step to set the slider up and have now put a lot of content into the site. To activate the slider I understand I need to go to Theme Options then Restore Defaults, will this lose all my work so far? Is there a way round this?

    Thanks, Ben

    1. Lisias (support and moderator)

      Hello, Ben.
      When you go to reset the options only the information in the Theme Options panel will be affected while your other information (content, audio et cetera) should normally be left in place. I personally don’t think that it’s a big problem, especially since you can save every bit of entered information from the text fields and place it back after the reset.

  3. Johnny

    Please, make sure you don’t have any special characters in Slide Caption.
    And also if you send me a WP link and some login details on johnny@holobest.com and I’ll try have a look.

  4. Johnny

    Hi, Rodrigo.
    As I’ve said make sure you don’t have special characters in slide caption and also check your plugins so you don’t have a interference with the theme. If you can’t figure it our send me a WP link some login details so I might have a look.

  5. motkomeri

    Hi Holobest!
    I recently bought your nice theme. But, I have some problems with the sliders. I followed the steps listed above to add a slider:
    – when I add a slider (following the first 6 steps), it does not appear in the list at the right immediately; I have to refresh the page (with F5) (no big deal, may it is the way it works, but i expect it to appear in the list after i click “Add new slider”)
    – at the 9.step above: the added slider does not appear in the drop-down; this is a problem

    1. Johnny

      Hi, motkomeri.
      That is really odd. It isn’t supposed to act like that.
      Could you please e-mail me at johnny@holobest.com with some login details and I’ll try have a closer look and see how I could help you in this regard?

  6. Cris

    Hi I have the same problem motkomeri. I do not appear in the theme options the “sliders”, after following steps 1 through 6.

  7. Johnny


    For making the Slider do display all the slides: on homepage-slider.php replace this code:

    $wp_query = new WP_Query(‘post_type=featured&orderby=menu_order&order=ASC&sliders=’. $slider);

    with this one :

    $wp_query = new WP_Query(‘post_type=featured&orderby=menu_order&order=ASC&showposts=-1&sliders=’. $slider);

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