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Version 1.1.0 : 31 May 2014
- ADDED: Notification modal popup
- ADDED: Icons to the contact forms buttons
- IMPROVED: Gallery with preview visual improvement
- IMPROVED: Header markup semantics improvement
- IMPROVED: Slider video popup close on overlay click
- IMPROVED: Progress bars options via "data" attribute
- IMPROVED: Javascript refactoring
- IMPROVED: Speed improvement by getting rid of unused plugins and giving a better position to javascript files
- IMPROVED: Changed the self hosted video icon
- IMPROVED: All menu versions now take effect on class change
- IMPROVED: The main slider pauses when videos play in a popup and resumes when they are closed
- IMPROVED: Forms submission function
- FIXED: Lots of minor visual bugs
- FIXED: Masonry portfolio visual bugs when the page is resized
- FIXED: Full with portfolio has a too much space between items
- FIXED: Bad styles for the links in active state
- FIXED: Removed the background showing at the lightbox corners
- FIXED: Lightbox no longer pushes fixed elements (header, "go to top" button, etc.)
- FIXED: Initialised parallax after page load so the background doesn't seem to glitch
Version 1.0.0 : 23 May 2014
- Launched: Initial release
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